sreda, 25. april 2018


Then he started talking. He said he didn’t have good childhood. When he was still in school everyone bullied him. They didn’t hurt him just emotionally but also physically. He said they changed him to the cold and emotionless person. That’s when he shoved his scars on the neck, chest and legs. The scars were that bad that they were still visible. He also said he’s parents always said he was a disappointment to the family. But they died when he was 8. That’s why he created this app. His first intentions were to just see his bullies suffer. But for him that wasn’t enough, he wasn’t satisfied so that’s when he decided to go further. He started to kill his bullies. Then it got out of hand and everyone stared to download the app. But he didn’t delete the app because he didn’t care anymore. Petra Jamnik 9.a

nedelja, 22. april 2018


There weren't any apartments that he owned. But when they were searching for apartments they saw a guy. He was following them. No one noticed him following just one policeman did. They were trying to catch him but he managed to run away. They find a lot of information about the guy that was following them. He was a criminal and also a professional hacker. they tried to find him. days went by and they finnaly did it they fing the guy. He had a weapon but policemen managed to catch him. They took him to the police station and ask all qustions about the app and the man who created it. They also called the parents. They were really happy about it. They booked the fly right after they got the massage. When the came to the police station the guy was quite but he started talking when they gave them an offer. They said if he talks he'll get less time to spend in prison. He started talking and they were all surprised by what he said.

četrtek, 19. april 2018


But the police were still scared. What if his old friends made a similar app, what if someone starts it all again. So they decided to find his friends. They tried to talk to him but he was quiet all the time. They tried and tried, they were nice. But days went by and they didn’t have a single information. Then they had to try something else. They had to look for something else. But they didn’t know what to look for or where to start. They started looking for his apartment. If they found it they could maybe find something that was his before he changed his name, maybe they would find his old friends and stop them. They started looking for apartments near the restaurant they found him in.

petek, 13. april 2018

Lara Anja

The man disappeared. He changed everything that he could: his name, his address, his phone number, his hair and his friends. Nobody could find him. Some years later, he was still wearing the fake moustaches, but one day he came to a restaurant. He was sitting there in the middle and everyone could see him. A poster of him was hanging on the wall and there was standing: MISSING!!! If you see him, call 911. He was sitting there and drinking some cola, but then his moustaches fell off his face. A small, young boy saw him and he started to shout: “Isn’t that the man on the poster!” and everyone looked at him. He wanted to run away, but he couldn't. The waiter caught him and he pulled him into the restaurant. Someone called the police and they came. They took him with them and he was arrested. Now he needed to stay in prison, because of the app that still existed. As quick as they could the police took the app out of the internet, but this app has already done too much damage. It was a little bit too late for some victims. Author: Lara Anja

sreda, 11. april 2018

Eva R.

When the man was no plane he had enough time to change his outfit. He changed his clothes and put on fake mustaches and glasses because he didn't want police to discover him. After a long flight, he came to New York. He went out of the plane and when he thought that he is safe there came a policeman and stopped him. A man became very nervous but policeman just looked at him and then said that he can go. When he came to the city he changed his name and everything. When parents heard that policemen didn't found a man they were very sad.
He thought that he is safe there came a policeman and stopped him. Illustrated by Uroš, class 7a

torek, 10. april 2018


This man realy liked traveling around the world. First Australia then China. So police knew he will go far away again. Some parents gave up and they said that it is all on police now. Even policeman`s son died because of this stupid application so he was very angry. He decided to do the best plan he ever did. First he needed to know where is man hiding. He was very good with technology. When he found out the location where the man buyed phone he went there. They still had all the documents about the phone so he could find his location with computer. As soon as he did it he knew that this annoying guy is already on plane for New York. He didn`t know how he did it so fast but he really had good friends for that. Then he called New York`s police and told them to be in every single airport and watch for the man…
They still had all the documents about the phone so he could find his location with computer. Illustrated by Uroš, class 7a

petek, 16. marec 2018


But he already went far away. First when he jumped out of the window he tried to run but it was hard because his leg was in plaster. He ran to a first petrol station. It was near. He went in and bought himself a T-shirt, jeans and shoes. People were looking at him very weird, because he was still in hospital clothes. Then when he was dressed normal he went to a closest shop. He bought a phone. He knew he wouldn’t be free for much longer if he didn’t have any money or place to sleep, because now police had his picture, they knew how he looked like and they can find out his name, address or his old phone number. Now they can find out who his friends are. So he decided to find a new place, he needed a new identity. He was a bad person; he was doing bad things. He knew to many bad people and to many bad people helped him. It was impossible to stop him. He had to many big and strong people on his side. Police needed a very good and strong plan. They didn’t know how to stop him only thing thy knew was that they needed to stop him before more people are hurt.
Illustrated by Lara, class 7A


Then he started talking. He said he didn’t have good childhood. When he was still in school everyone bullied him. They didn’t hurt him just ...